Group-specific Object Browser in Multi-Group Instance

In our multi-group instance, users would like to use the Object Browser for the creation of Excel templates and the subsequent batch registration of Objects of several types. However, the Object Browser currently includes only those Object Types that have set “shown in drop downs” as true in the “General ELN Settings” and not those in the group-specific settings.

The only possible solution that I can see at the moment, would be to show all Object types in all groups (enabled via the “General ELN Settings”). However, this would be very confusing due to the high number of group-specific Object types that are used by one group only and that are not relevant for all the other groups.

Would it be possible to implement a group-specific Object Browser in the future that only includes the Object types that are shown in the drop downs of the group in question?

Dear Rukeia,

we will look into this and will get back to you.