Customization of Parents/Children Sections in Multi-Group instance

Hi everyone.

I have a question regarding customization of Parents and Children Sections in a multi-group instance
(openBIS | Customise Parents and Children Sections in Object Forms).

We are a multi-group instance and the documentation to this topic does not work for us. We customized the Parents/Children section of some objects for some (not all) groups, however these changes after saving are not visible in the forms of the objects.

We also tried to additionally customize the some objects in the same way also in the General Settings. This also does not work.

Does anyone have the same problem?

Thank you

Dear Viktoria,

I believe this could be due to a bug that was fixed in the release that has just been published today ( The ELN General settings overwrite the group settings in the previous release. Now this is fixed.
I tested this in the new release and it works for me.



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Ok. It was a bug.
Very good. I will test it here after the update.
Thanks a lot Caterina