Data set type "ELN preview" - Preview of only 1 of multiple files

Hello everyone.

I have a question regarding the upload of multiple files with the data set type “ELN preview”.
The preview works just for one file, the first file uploaded.

I cannot find something in the documentation. So I am asking here.
Why are all the others files not shown in the preview?

Or is somewhere else a documentation/explanation of all data set types?


Dear Viktoria,
As far as I know, this is the current intended behaviour for the Dataset type ELN_PREVIEW: Only the first (image) file is shown as the preview. Apart from this functionality of ELN_PREVIEW, the default Dataset types only differ in their names.

Dear relathman.

Thank you for explanation.

@ developers: It would be helpful to have some infos to that topic in the documentation.

Thank you