Implementation of TIFF file format

Hello there!

I am courious if it is planned to implement the .TIFF (.TIF) file format, so openBIS is able to generate a preview thumbnail or opening it in a new tab like .PNG files.

TIFF is a very commonly used file format for a variety of microscopy- or other image-data in our labs.

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Dear Steffen,

Common File Type Previews
I understand you request, since you could expect the web UIs to pre-generate preview images for most common file types. Other applications do this. Our ELN-LIMS doesn’t.

The question would be what kind of files and what kinds of previous we would want to support and we would prepare the ELN-LIMS data upload and ELN-LIMS dropbox to generate previous that can be used by the UI.

Imaging File Type Previews
I would treat the topic of microscopy and other imaging domains separately since this is a more complex domain, with dozens of file types that are containers for multi dimensional series of images.

You can expect a new imaging technology will be available at this time next year with better web support.