Allow ELN-Preview to be more versatile (i.e. directly link PDFs)

I did set up a collection of objects. Each object contains a single dataset. These datasets are PDFs. I would like to show/filter all objects from the collection in the list-view and allow the user to open a PDF via a direct link (and not by opening the dataset).

I believe the dataset type ELN-Preview could be nicely used to this end. It currently displayes a preview if the dataset is of type ELN-Preview and contains a picture format file. If the filetype is not a picture format it would be nice to show a hyperlink to the file instead.

Possibly, the task to provide a direct file link in a collection table can be solved in another way in openBIS. I would be happy to receive some suggestions.

Two alternative solutions I did already try:

  • Set up a collection of datasets (instead of objects) → allows to show all datasets from the collection in the lower left panel. However, filtering is only applied to the table view.
  • Define a property of type hyperlink for the object containing the URL of a file from an attached dataset. → works. However, this URL contains a mandatory sessionID and I am not sue if it will work for multiple users or just for myself.

Thanks in advance.