Show items in drop-down menus

Dear all,
we’re trying to onboard more users and therefore add many objects for instruments, devices, measurements, etc.

When creating an experiment, we then need to create a number of experimental steps to which we can link e.g samples, instruments, protocols as parents (we cannot link them to the top-level experiment directly?)

Then, the “+new” button lists the default “experimental step” always on top, and then the list of all objects that are enabled in the settings in “show in drop-down”. However, with so many objects we can’t see everything and this list is not scrollable (see below)

we can go around it by clicking “edit” and then “new object” - then the list is scrollable.

However, if I don’t enable the object in the drop-down menu, then I’m not sure the users can find it and add them as parents other than directly pasting the permID?

Is there a way to make the list in “+new” in the experiment view scrollable or add only certain elements to it (how do I do that), e.g. the default experiment and a handful of other experiment types that the users should enter there?
(Or maybe I haven’t quite understood the logic to it - typically, an experiment as such has multiple steps to it, e.g. sample preparation, tensile testing, more preparation, electron microscope imaging, etc)

Many thanks

Dear Ulrich,

this is a known issue. We pan to address it when we work on the new ELN forms, in the coming months.

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