Version How does "Make object property a link" work?

Hello everyone!

The new version (13 October 2023) has the improvement: Make object property a link (SSDM-13901).
How and where is this possible?
Or what exactly does it mean? We understand that it is possible to make properties linkable inside openBIS, as for “Code” or “Name”.

Thank you

Hello Viktoria,
As a requester of this feature: you don’t need to do anything special to enable this. It simply means that properties of type “Sample” will be displayed as a link to the object that the property points to. Earlier it wasn’t the case and the permID of the referenced object was displayed instead

Hello bafe.
Thank you for the explanation. Then, we have understood it wrong.

May I ask for which cases you use this property type?

To model 1-to-1 links between objects, e.g when we want to represent a product obtained as a mixture of precursors.

And linking via Parents/Children would not be suitable for this? So that the precursors are the Parents of the product. Or is the 1-to-1 link between the precursors?

The difference is that with parent-children there’s no way to enforce the type and the number of relationships, while using object properties allows for a more static link.