Set properties as "linkable" or edit the label of property type Name

Dear developers.
Next year there will be a biggger update with some new features/improvements.
One feature will be that it is possible to set properties as “unique”.

My question: Is it or will it also be possible to set properties as “linkable”?

Currently, the only property type where the property is displayed as a link is Name.
However, the label “Name” does not always fit. Often, materials have e.g. unique numbers for identification. And we can not use the Code because it does not allow all characters.

Or will it be possible to edit the label of the property type Name?


Dear Viktoria,

You have hyperlink properties for URLs, those are displayed as links.

Apart of that when referencing a parent/child or object, you should also get a link with the format “$NAME (CODE)”. Indeed these cold be very long links, we should introduce a limit of characters followed by ‘…’ so you can get something like ‘your very long descrip… (YOUR_VERY_LONG C…)’ affecting all object links. I don’t see an easy way to define the behaviour per link without a lot of development effort.