Suggestion: Ignore mandatory Properties when creating Templates for Objects

Dear openBIS team,
Our users would like to create templates for Objects in which some of the Properties set to be “mandatory” for the Object type are left empty.
An example for this is an Object type with a mandatory Property DATE: The date shouldn’t be pre-defined in the template because the user will need to change it to be up-to-date (and might forget to do so if it is already filled out). However, the template of the Object cannot be saved when DATE is not pre-defined. Is there a solution for this?
If not, it would be great if you would consider changing this behaviour in a future openBIS version.

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Alternatively, it would be great to be able to specify a value ‘current_date’ which could be used in such a template.

Of course, one could also use the ‘Registration Date’ of the object, as this is the current date at object creation. However, in some cases object creation might be delayed compared to the step to be registered, which is why a dedicated Date property is required.

Dear Rukeia,

this is a know issue and it is in our to-do list already, but I am afraid I cannot say when this will be addressed.

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