XLS Batch Update Objects Template is empty

Dear community,

One of our openBIS users wanted to batch update objects (via XLS Batch Update Objects) in a collection but the template given by openBIS is empty. It gives the correct object types and headers but no content. I tested this and it is true for all collections in the system.
Any idea if this is a bug or if I missed some settings (and which)?

We are using version 20.10.5.

Dear Julia,

That is correct, templates are that, empty templates.

If what you wish is to obtain a copy of the objects of the collection use the export function from the table, this exports are compatible with XLS batch update.

Please keep in mind that more often that not, these questions are answered faster by looking up the user documentation, on this case “Batch Update entries in Collection”: openBIS | Batch update entries in a Collection

Or contacting support so they can guide you: openbis-support@id.ethz.ch

Hope this helps,