Objects in the collection missing

Greetings to the OpenBIS community. I have been using the OpenBIS-LIMS version 19.06.5 for the last three years. I have had a great learning experience with adapting the LIMS for my end-users. Coming to the issue at hand, I registered objects along with their corresponding parent identifiers. I am able to see the objects in the parent or child table but not in the corresponding collection. I can also not find the object in the global search. When I try to edit those objects in the parent table and save, I get a message that reads like below.
Any expertise on this is much appreciated. Thank you.

Can you clarify which UI you are using?

I am using the ELN-LIMS UI from the 19.06.5 version.

I close this topic, as this was followed up by user support and it is due to the specific set up of the instance.