How do you record your data during lab experiments?

Hi all!

I am wondering how other experimentalists work in the lab and handle their research data management.
I’m particularly interested in cases where you have to write down information as you work - for example, in chemistry, where you write down the amount of chemicals you weigh in.

I have the feeling that a lot of work is still done with pen and paper, but maybe I’m wrong and there are institutes that are already much more digitized in this respect.

Do you work with tablets, do you use pen and paper, or do you have other options?
What is most common in the institute where you work? Of course also in regards to openBIS.

I would be very happy to hear how you handle this.

All the best

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We have introduce very successful the usage of iPad for the lab work. The Safari browser allows to access openBIS directly and it fits nicely on the screen. You can use the keyboard, but real game changer are the pen and the dictation function. Both of the transform handwritten text or spoken word directly to typed text. It is fast and it is done directly on the iPad. This has some huge security advantages compare with similar Microsoft or Android devices, where both handwritten or spoken text go to outside servers for transformation to typed text. Furthermore the direct integration of the iPad camera for taking pictures is another game changer. We are constantly rolling out more iPads and with it the acceptance of openBIS grows.

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This is an interesting question. SIS would also be interested in knowing how much interest there is in the openBIS community in using tablets. If other users have similar experiences to share, we would welcome your input.
In our experience so far we see differences based on scientific areas: scientists in some disciplines are more keen on using tablets than scientists in other disciplines.

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