When an Experiment leads to an outcome material, what is the best way to manage this

I am evaluating Openbis for our research Laboratory.

I have a question:
We make Experiments with drying biomass and then extracting some components and then evaporting this components and so on.

What is the best way in openbis to trace the outcome material with Lot-numbers, the storage of the samples etc ?

Your help would be highly appreciated


the outcome material of the experiment should be registered as an object which is a child of your experimental step. The object could be stored under the inventory or in the lab notebook. It would be advisable to have it in the inventory if this should be avialble to everyone in the group. If this sample is specific to a project and only used/relevant for that project, it could also be saved under the labnotebook.


Thanks for your answer. It is the way i thought that it has to be done.

I think that openbis is the solution that we need here at the BFH Laboratory.

Question: Is it possible to buy you for two Consulting Days with the goals

  • Base config of objects for our Labo
  • Workshop and Training of the users



for such requests, I would advise to send a ticket to our helpdesk: openbis-support@id.ethz.ch