Handwriting in ELN Entry Object Type

OpenBIS as a data management tool for the digital recording of research data makes it possible that no handwritten data from the lab notebook has to be entered afterwards, if it is recorded directly with a laptop or a much handier tablet device instead of using pen and paper. The advantage of pen and paper, however, is that you can record not only text, but also draw sketches. With the pen and a tablet you have the possibility to achieve exactly the same with apps made for this purpose, but these must then also be loaded into openBIS as an attachment or inserted as images and cannot be recorded directly in openBIS. Working with the Entry object type it almost is as working with pen and paper since write to text is supported, but it would be very advantageous if sketches can be made directly in it, as a supplement to what is written. Can you imagine that this function could be introduced?


I think we would love to have the behaviour that you describe.

Sadly the current rich text editors in openBIS, the one used for the Entry or the individual object properties only allow to attach a “raster” graphics image, but not to draw one.

To be able to draw arbitrary shapes it would need to be supported on an open source rich text editor. Is a complex problem.