Create a free form text table

Dear all,

I saw the option to “create a free form text table” in the documentation.
See openBIS ELN-LIMS Tutorial - openBIS Documentation Rel. 20.10 - Confluence (at the bottom).

This looks very nice and I want to use it. Sadly I didn´t understand how to do it at all.
Somebody who knows how to do it and can help me with that?


Dear Julia,
Please, take a look at the openBIS Spreadsheet feature.

Also, you might consider the usage of Entry entity of the openBIS. The Entry is a form without predefined fields.


Thank you!
I didn´t know that this is related to the Spreadsheet feature.

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Sorry to ask again but for me the instructions are totally unclear and didn´t result in anything similar.

For me they are saying:

  • Create a Project
  • Create a Collection of type Default Experiment
  • Create an Object?
    Point 8 says “click + in Experiment Page”. I assume Experiment = Collection. That means I´m creating an Object. But of which type?
    Because of the Property Types referred to in point 9 and point 10 saying “Click + next to Protocols” I choose “Experimental Step”
    Point 10 is wanting me to add a parent I think. A general protocol?! I add one but cannot follow point 12 as I don´t see this option.

“Register one western blotting experiment” is now done. More or less.

Now to “Create a free form text table”

  • My Object has no table.
  • Because of the Spreadsheet hint from you I created a new Object of the type “General Protocol” (the others don´t have a Spreadsheet atm).
  • The Spreadsheet Documentation says “Import an openBIS Object with the import button on the Spreadsheet”
    Okay. But which Object?
    The free form manual said I should import a .txt file. I tried to upload one, tried to put its context into an entry, then add this entry, …

Nothing worked out and at this point I´m very much confused.

Could you help me sort this out @rkuzyakiv?

Best regards,

PS: Sorry for the long text. I thought this is more efficient to recognize my mistake.

Dear Julia D,

Thank you for the message and your explanations.
I would suggest opening a ticket thus we could discuss your case in more details.
Please, send an email to:
One of my colleagues will be happy to assist you with your questions.


Ticket is created :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help

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To complete this forum topic:
the support told me it was made by a table widget which has been removed.