User Experience in Life Science or Mechanical Engineering

Dear all,

we are in the context of establishing the use of openBIS in a research group in mechanical engineering. We are mechanical engineers and material scientists and work in manufacturing engineering. A short overview of our research group (Forschungsgruppe) can be found here:

Are there community members who would like to share their best practice implementation of a research data management strategy using openBIS? Since openBIS was developed for life sciences, examples from this expertise field would also help us. We would then have to consider transferring the implemented openBIS framework to manufacturing engineering. A short demo would be very helpful as a start. You can contact me also by mail:

Many thanks in advance

Till Clausmeyer

Dear Till.
Thank you for the message and your questions.
Please, see the link for more info on the usage of the openBIS by the research groups representing EMPA, the materials science and technology research institution of the ETH domain.

Around 30 EMPA groups have been using openBIS to manage their data.

Dr. Rostyslav Kuzyakiv
openBIS Team
ETH Zurich

Unfortunately our mechanical engineers did not start with openBIS so far, so I cannot give you examples from there or establish an exchange. Empa is a material science institution similar to BAM in Berlin (maybe @relathman from BAM can give examples for mechanical engineers?), so we have also other material science topics or also bio topics. Which other topics would you be interested in, perhaps I can find examples there?
Perhaps the Empa Organizational Chart also helps for an overview: Empa - Organizational Chart


Dear all, thanks for the helpful feedback. I will read the documents and eventually contact relevant colleagues.



Dr.-Ing. Till Clausmeyer
Senior Research Engineer (Oberingenieur Forschung)
Institute of Forming Technology and Lightweight Components
TU Dortmund University