Openbis 4 rock deformation

Dear openbis developers, do you plan to release an openbis extension for the treatment of rock deformation experiments data? I would be really interested on that.

While I am not part of the openBIS team from ETHZ SIS, updates for openBIS usually comprise bugfixes and new features for a broad user domain and do not cover extensions for specific research domains.
In my experience, openBIS masterdata (the “meta-metadata” as in entity types, controlled vocabularies, plugins for data checking etc.) is best developed by individual researchers/research groups with the necessary domain knowledge while keeping in mind general data management best practices. Accordingly, I have moved this discussion topic to the “Data Management” category.

Thanks for the answer! I actually meant the development of a “plugin” similar as those used for Flow Citometry.

This is not currently in our roadmap.
However we will soon make available a git repository where users will be able to share plugins, so if someone else in the community is working on this topic it would be possible to share information and code.

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