Is there an iPad app?

Dear all,

I recently came across this repo:

the last commit was like 6 years ago, so I assume that this particular code is no longer part of the main development cycle. However, I wanted to ask if there is an app or similar?

All the best and many thanks

Dear Ulrich,

Our team has been monitoring the usage statistics for this feature, and it appears that the demand for it is not high enough to justify the resources required to complete the development process. As a result, we have decided to prioritize other features that have higher demand, in order to provide the best experience for our users.

We will continue to monitor the demand for the iPad app and revisit its development in the future, if the demand increases.

Thank you for your understanding.

openBIS Team

We are directly using openBIS using the Safari browser app with the iPad. It works great. Some of the large advantages are:

  • Use scribe with the pen
  • Use the dictation function, which is a game changer. It is very attractive for the users.

We have have some 15 iPads in use.

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Dear Matthias,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your positive feedback on the openBIS usage with the iPad.
Your support means a lot to us.

openBIS Team

Dear Rostyslav and Matthias,

many thanks - I completely understand and it’s good to know!
It’s very helpful to know that scribe/dictation works well.
One use-case we could envision is to use the camera as barcode/QR code reader, i.e. when an experimenter takes a sample, they start logging their activities by scanning the physical specimen (or rather, the QR attached to it) and then continue to fill in the respective template.

all the best

Dear Ulrich,

We plan to revive the iPad app, exactly to use it as a barcode reader that opens automatically the entity form on the iPad.