User Group Management for Multi-groups openBIS Instances

I am currently setting up a multi-group instance.
Anyhow, there is one open question for me, which is related to the documentation:
" The LDAP service is not only used for authenticating users but also to obtain all users of a group. In the later case an independent query template can be specified by the property ldap-group-query-template of the of UserManagementMaintenanceTask (since The % character in this template will be replaced by the LDAP group key. "

For me it is not clear where to place the property ldap-group-query-template does it need to go inside /openbis/servers/openBIS-server/jetty/etc/ or do I need to create a plugin.propertiesfile?

Thank you for your help

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The ldap.queryTemplate is part of the LDAP configuration in the AS service. properties file.

The LDAP group key is specified in the user-management-maintenance-config.json file: User Group Management for Multi-groups openBIS Instances - openBIS Documentation Rel. 20.10 - Confluence