Side Navigation Menu - Handle many items (datasets) problem

Hey everyone,

as I read you are already working on the update of the Navigation Menu. So my post might support you to this task, otherwise let me document some behaviour that could be improved.

It happens that the navigation tree gets corruped when I open two Collection that are larger than 50 Datasets, maybe lets say around 10.000 Datasets each.


The browser becomes unstable and I get an error messages, like this:

The cpu load and the memory usage (>3.5 GB) also is quite high (of the running Chrome process) and the system becomes instable when the Collection is selected from the navigation tree and the Datasets are shown in the bottom left corner. It always takes some minutes to show this list.

Is the number of Datasets in a collection limited, so that we should restructure our data?

Thank you and kind regards,

Hi Ralf,
Thank you for the message and your question.
the current navigation might get slower when trying to visualize thousands of entries simultaneously.

The new navigation which we have been working on is going to load the first batch only and therefore should be usable for a large number of entities. Once the first batch is loaded you can still ask to load another batch and so on.
We have the intention to introduce the new navigation in the first part of 2023, but it also depends on our schedule and the task list which might grow in the near future.

We will keep you updated.
Thank you in advance for your understanding

openBIS team