Explorer Sidebar width snaps back every time


we noticed that the explorer sidebar on the left hand-side of the ELN (standard GUI) can be moved to increase or decrease in width. However, on clicking any element in the ELN, the width snaps back to default, probably because the entire website is loaded again.
Sometimes, the names of folders or objects are too long to read, which means, every time someone clicks on an object, the sidebar width resets to default.

Setting the width so I can read the name of the item:

Clicking on the next item below:

Is there anything we can set in the GUI to not have this behavior? If not, is there a fix planned for this in an upcoming release?

Thanks and best regards!

We will introduce a new navigation menu in the next openBIS version, in 2023.
The release that has been announced today contains a preview of this in the admin UI.
This will be accounted for.