openBIS 20.10.6 release

Dear openBIS users,

We are happy to announce the availability of a maintenance update to the production version of openBIS, version 20.10.6.

The most relevant new features and bug fixes are:

  1. New navigation menu in ELN interface. In addition to the new look, the new menu has several new features, such as filtering and sorting. For the full list of functionalities check the documentation
    : openBIS | Navigation menu

  2. Improved tables exports. It is now possible to export tables in an openBIS import-compatible format or not. The two exports differ as explained in the documentation:

  1. Support for zip import in admin UI.
  1. Changes to default eln-lims dropbox. The new dropbox script no longer requires 2 folders for data ingestion, only 1 folder with the name generated from the openBIS UI:
  1. Possibility to configure notifications of dropbox data upload failure. It is possible to configure who should receive email notifications for dropbox upload failures:
  1. Dropbox monitor. It is possible to monitor the status of data upload via dropbox from the ELN interface:
  1. Search datasets by size in ELN UI. It is now possible to search datasets based on their size. An example of this functionality is described in the dataset archiving documentation:
  1. New feature for reading barcodes from mobile devices:
  1. Improvement to masterdata update in admin UI. It is now possible to use “update if exists” if the masterdata file contains $ properties.

10.Fix for PATs to work with email as username.

The full list of changes is available here:

Before upgrading to this release version, check the list of pending configuration changes:

This version can be downloaded from the production releases page of our wiki: