openBIS 20.10.8 release

Dear openBIS users,

We would like to announce the availability of a maintenance update to the production version of openBIS, version 20.10.8.

The main new features and bug fixes contained in this version are:

• New export/import functionality: It is now possible to export every level of the openBIS hierarchy in openBIS import-compatible mode or non-import-compatible mode. In the first case, the export can be used to be imported in a separate openBIS instance via the admin UI and the eln-lims default dropbox.
o Export — Python documentation
o Imports of openBIS exports — Python documentation
• Print pdf. It is now possible to generate a pdf of every openBIS entity.
o Additional Functionalities — Python documentation
• Removal of versioning in masterdata. Version numbers have been removed from the masterdata and it is no longer necessary to update version number when updating masterdata via Excel file.
o Masterdata exports and imports — Python documentation
• Removal of eln-lims-life-science data types from installer and separation of standard types and default basic types:
o ELN types — Python documentation
• Bug fix: cannot move an object with children if storage position is assigned to the object.

:exclamation:Known limitation: images embedded in text fields are not currently exported in the xlsx metadata folder and cannot be re-imported. This will be fixed in a follow up release, planned for June 2024.

You will find the full list of changes here:

This version can be downloaded from the production releases page of our wiki: