Show Spaces directly in ELN - don't use others folder


as the title says, I’d like get rid of the others folder, which contains our group spaces. As we are working strictly project based, we are not using the personal ELN spaces and have all projects in group spaces. Is it possible to get rid of the Others folder and display those spaces on the first level of the ELN part? Or maybe even select some spaces to appear on the first level, just as “My Space”?


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Where spaces go is tightly related with authorisation.

In a perfect world you can customise the tree completely and apply a pattern of authorisation rules. But this is not the case. We have build features around automating rights assignments for new users.

If the spaces belong to the group and everyone has access to them then these should probably go under the inventory.

On the another hand if you are going to assign the rights manually these should go under the lab notebook.

Hope this helps, currently there is no way of removing the Others folder.

Hi Jan

We have also a project based datamangement in a group I’m working for, therefore I know the struggles. There is although the possibility to assign a homespace to a user, here the link to it: openBIS | Assign home space to a user
But currently only one space can be assigned to a User - but this will be displayed on top level. If the user is deactivated the homespace has to be removed, else the space get’s into others (disabled).

Could it be possible to have more than one homespace assinged to a user @juanf ? This could maybe be a workaround solution.

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good hint with the assignment of a home space actually. So would I be able to assign a shared space as well? For our use case at least, that would already be a practicable solution.

I don’t know the limitation of the feature, but so far all the spaces, if shared Space in the ELN, or if its a space from Inventory, did work in our cases.


Historically the home space was a feature created to default to one space when certain parameters where omitted during registration of new data. Having more than one will defeat that purpose.

Currently there is no plans to extend this feature.