openBIS space named 'STORAGE' for each group in settings


When I was getting a list od all Spaces using pyBIS, I found out that each group has a space named after the group name + “Storage” in their respective Settings, for example “G1 Storage”, which is available via get_spaces(). But in the ELN/LIMS UI, I can’t access it or do anything with it (like creating a Project within it, change some options for it in the Settings). So I would like to ask if this Space is a legacy issue or is it still usable and are there some Settings options the user can change, so that they can access and manipulate it from the ELN/LIMS UI?

Thank you,

Dear Yeqiao,

the STORAGE space is not visible in the navigation menu. However it is used if you use storages for your samples. You see this for example in the ELN Settings.