Question about the admin interface when using the docker-compose-nginx.yml file

Dear All,

First of all thank you very much for the work and time invested in the development of the dockerized version of OpenBIS, at this moment we are testing to install the stack “on-premises” and these Docker and Docker compose files are very useful for this POC, since we can easily create and recreate the whole stack:

We have succesfully managed to deploy the platform in one of our virtual machines and everything seems to work fine (both the legacy version of the /openbis/ application and the new interface in /openbis/webapp/eln-lims/). However, when we try to visit the administration interface (/openbis/webapp/admin/), we get a jetty 404 error.

We are using docker compose with nginx available at

and the nginx configuration in that subdirectory.

Do you know if it is necessary to install any additional modules or change any of the environment variables to make this administration interface work? Thank you very much for your help,

Best Regards,

The admin url in this release is ‘/openbis/webapp/openbis-ng-ui’. Thank you very much again @juanf

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