Docker v20.10.5 - not ELN

Dear openBIS community,

Thank you for the new release. It has many features and improvements.

A “fresh” docker installation shows that both the core and the ELN-LIMS versions are 20.10.5. However, when binding to the volume where the previous docker image was used, admin version is 20.10.5, but the ELN-LIMS is still 20.10.4.

Thank you and best regards,

Dear Mariam,

you are observing a phenomenon that we’re already aware of, but ways to work around this have not been documented yet. The issue is that if you re-use an existing volume, which also contains the core-plugins/eln-lims sub-folder, openBIS will prevent upgrading the pre-existing plugin. The upgrade of eln-lims will only work, if you first stop OpenBIS, then remove the folder <openbis_state>/core-plugins/eln-lims, and then start OpenBIS again. In case you’ve made any customizations to the plugin, please take a backup and then apply them also to the new folder.


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Hi Richard,

Thank you very much for your clear, informative reply. Removing the eln-lims folder worked on the empty test instance, but on the other populated instance, the upgrade only worked when I removed the whole core-plugins folder. Now we are enjoying 20.10.5.

Thanks and best regards,
Scientific IT, Fraunhofer IFAM