openBIS v20.10.7.* - Dockerhub

Dear openBIS community,

Thank you for the new release.

Which version has the tag “latest” of the many v20.10.7.* version in Dockerhub?

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Research Data Management - Fraunhofer IFAM

If I remember correctly from the latest discussion with @artur.pedziwilk , it always refers to the latest minor version of that version series, probably

Dear @marriz,
we are currently working to provide complete documentation for containerized openBIS.
We have just published initial version, it will be progressively extended.

We are going to have production ready image named “openbis-server”

and previous, all in one development version is still there.

Currently the openbis-server is

# docker exec -it openbis-app wget -q --output-document - http://localhost:8080/openbis/webapp/eln-lims/version.txt;

The “debian-openbis” is also

Here it is described how we will publish openBIS docker image.

It will be possibly extended next week as we will discuss also about debian-openbis image.


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Dear @artur.pedziwilk,

Thank you very much for your detailed, informative reply.

  • I would perhaps wait for the next minor version, if that is a planned improvement by you.
  • Good to know about openbis-server / prod. Thank you. As far as I understand (Environments — Python documentation), it requires a separate postgres instance. It would be not an immediate goad for me. I need to upgrade the images of the now running containers (debian-openbis) for the timebeing.
  • version.txt shows 10.6 as expected. I need to let the new container create the eln core-plugin folders. wget is not available, but you can cat the file:
    cat ./home/openbis/openbis_state/core-plugins/eln-lims/1/as/webapps/eln-lims/html/version.txt

Thank you for the new documentation.

Best regards,

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Dear @marriz,
we will possibly publish the “debian-openbis” image with release 20.10.8 as well as “openbis-server”. However “debian-openbis” has too many disadvantages to support for anything what needs persistence and there is still Postgres 11 on it which is reaching end of life and it is time to think how you will migrate the database data from your current running containers to the new.
I would then rather recommend you will consider switch already away from “all in one” solution.
I will work also for examples into our official documentation how to do it simply and then I could work with your on real use case of your setup.


I have a question regading the docker nginx compose file available at hub/openbis-server/compose/docker-compose-nginx.yml · master · sispub / openbis continuous integration · GitLab. We are running on our VMs an it seems that even if we provide a custom OPENBIS_ADMIN_PASS variable. The openbis-app still will use the placeholder “123456789” password, both in the main interface and the admin interface.

    container_name: openbis-app
    image: openbis/openbis-server:20.10.7
      - db
      - OPENBIS_ADMIN_PASS=xxxxxxx
      - OPENBIS_DATA=/data/openbis
      - OPENBIS_DB_ADMIN_PASS=xxxxxx
      - OPENBIS_DB_ADMIN_USER=postgres
      - OPENBIS_DB_APP_PASS=xxxxx
      - OPENBIS_DB_APP_USER=openbis
      - OPENBIS_DB_HOST=db
      - OPENBIS_ETC=/etc/openbis
      - OPENBIS_HOME=/home/openbis
      - OPENBIS_LOG=/var/log/openbis
      - OPENBIS_FQDN=xxxx
      - openbis-app-data:/data
      - openbis-app-etc:/etc/openbis
      - openbis-app-logs:/var/log/openbis
      - openbis-network
      - 8081:8081
      - 8080:8080

Have you noticed this behavior? Is there something else that needs to be changed / passed? Thank you

Dear @webdacjs,
that was indeed missing code line to set a password from an environment.
I have pushed updated images.
Thank your for spotting that and asking.

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Dear @artur.pedziwilk. Sorry for the delay. I was out of the office. Thank you very much for your time an help. It’s indeed fix now. I pulled out the latest image and everything works as expected. Best regards from Lausanne. Juan