Openbis installation help

I have installed openbis when i run command ./ ./ and have as well configured apache to look for jetty but apparantly the page http://localhost:8080/openbis does not show up.

I ran following commands after untarring openbis…tar.gz file then ./ and ./

i have also set up settings but yet not able to get openbis running on browser
is there any simple installation script/documentation step by step available which will help me to configure openbis on ubuntu 22.04 virtualbox.

We prepare VirtualBox using Vagrant and in this repository

we keep the Vagrant file

where you have complete instruction and commands how to install openBIS on Ubuntu.

Please follow this installation method. It gives you working setup.
Additionally you can download and run our demo on VirtiualBox what gives you working system right out of the box and you can compare between it and your system at which level this does not start correctly.