Setting Up a Local Development Environment


I"m somewhat new to openbis and I’m trying to get a local dev env setup per the instructions found here .

There are appear to be a bunch of steps missing. For example: You need to set various database properties such as username and password for the AS and DSS before anything will start. Simply running:

does not result in a functional development environment. In addition how is debugging performed? How are the LIMS-ELN modules built and loaded? How is UI development done such that changes can be integrated and debugged?

Sooo many unanswered questions on how to actually do development for openbis…

Would someone please direct me to any resources that could help in setting up a local development env?


Dear David,

I perfectly understand that learning how to develop openBIS and its core-plugins is challenging and even frustrating at first, is a large complex system.

To help you I have extended our readme file. Please have a look at Development of Core Plugins including Webapp Plugins in our readme file: Files · master · sispub / openbis · GitLab

I hope that answers your knowledge gaps.

Please ask further questions if something is not clear or let me know if this just solved it.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: