Dev proxy setup for uploads

I have set up the docker-compose openbis installation without the reverse proxy.

I am using a dev proxy from nitro here:

 devProxy: {
      '/openbis': {
        target: 'http://localhost:8080/openbis',
        changeOrigin: true,
        prependPath: true,
      '/datastore_server': {
        target: 'http://localhost:8081/datastore_server',
        changeOrigin: true,
        prependPath: true,

for the /openbis route this works fine, but when trying to upload data to he instance. The error will occure:



Do I have to use a reverse proxy, or are my settings for the second proxy just not right? Just want to ask, before setting up the proxy.

best regards,


Dear @Bene,
your settings are correct. The problem is to set the OPENBIS_FQDN variable in Docker Environment as described here.

This variable is translated to the correct “download-url = ${host-address}:${port}” in both in openBIS AS and openBIS DSS.

Without one reverse proxy as an http ingress you could set this to “http://localhost:8080” in AS and “http://localhost:8081” in DSS and from local web browser the upload will work correctly. The reverse proxy on from of both servers in openBIS is intended to be one point of access. It can be domain name “localhost” or “openbis.domain”, or IP address.


The variable has the value:


but I get the error:

https://openbis.domain/datastore_server/session_workspace_file_upload?sessionID=admin-240703085757641xB616CE6CED13051D7E33C75D63588335&filename=14857205-c56a-4076-96d0-0682166fd1cb&id=1&startByte=0&endByte=0&size=0&emptyFolder=true net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

I ran the setup for the docker-compose-nginx compose file.

The variable seems to be set right in the openbis-app contianer:


Can this be, because I use the prerelease version of Openbis 6.5?

I downgraded and it was the version! Somewhere the name does not get resolved in the new version.

I now get a Cert error.

https://localhost/datastore_server/session_workspace_file_upload?sessionID=admin-240703150042399x286E5AABDA5802C824259D463DCFF8CD&filename=a02364e4-ac3f-4573-a328-2c12dbe3400f&id=1&startByte=0&endByte=0&size=0&emptyFolder=true net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

How can I setup my dev proxy to handle this?Or do I need to do something else?