QR-Code/BArCode Labels printer

Hi there,
we are using openBIS to create via a plugin qr codes. these create pdf files for the labels, so we are pretty open to any hardware. At the moment we use some old models, but have to update these. We need a network printer for such labels with reliable drivers. As most labels are printer using thermo transfer and the labels should last as long a possible are there any recommended models out there. One possible model could be Brother QL-820NWBc which is used by a group with no long term experiences so far. Any recommendations welcomed Thank you very much for your input.

Hi Heiko,
At Empa the following label printers are in use that I know of:

label printer from Brother (QL-820NWB). It is cheap at around 200 CHF and is suitable for the following purposes:

  • labels don’t have to last 10 years
  • Only a few people work with the labels
  • It was easy to connect without IT support
  • a quick and inexpensive solution

Label Printer from Zebra Technologies. Two possible options are the ZD621t 300 dpi USB, RS232, LAN, BT for around 600 CHF or the ZT231 300dpi TT/USB/RS-232/BT/LAN for around 1’000 CHF (relevant is the 300dpi). Suitable for the following purposes:

  • Labels are available for a lot of applications e.g. Liq N2, Chemicals, Hard adhesive etc. Important for possible preservation for more than 10 years is the thermal transfer and that the film contains wax (Used in many professional laboratories e.g. medical, pharmaceutical research, shipping etc.)
  • Professional programme called “NiceLabel” available for creating label designs.
  • Can be connected to the our network