Mail notifications (e.g. "export metadata")

Dear all,

some of the openBIS commands are asynchronous, e.g. “more” → “export Metadata”. Upon clicking. one gets a notification that a mail will be sent when the export is ready (and, I suppose, where to get it from).

However, unfortunately, the mail never arrives - I’m sure it’s “just” a configuration problem somewhere, but, tbh, I’m not sure where to look…

Mail in general works on the host where openBIS is installed, e.g. when I do

mail -s "test" <my email>
test text

this test mail does arrive in my account soon after. I’ve added my email address to the user profile. openBIS itself can send mails as well, if I open the mail queue on the host it is running on, I can see a lot of mails like the following:

N6090 openbis@localhost  Wed May 24 12:00  23/914   ATTENTION: openBIS Server

where the body of the mail is essentially

2023-05-24 12:00:32,996 INFO  [cache-clearance-task - Maintenance Plugin] NOTIFY.CacheClearanceMaintenanceTask - Cache clearance execution finished.

(maybe it’s also not ideal to have many mails starting with ATTENTION and we need to fix another issue?)

Any suggestion where to look would be greatly appreciated…

Many thanks in advance
best wishes