LabNotebooks of former users

Dear all,

we are running a multi-group instance at the Universität Osnabrück for the biology/chemistry department. As we are a university, the user fluctuation is quite high. Right now we have a growing list of Lab Notebooks which are visible for the corresponding group. This does make sense in terms of traceability of several items other users did experiments with. However, the list is going to be long…

How do you deal with Lab Notebooks of users who left the department?
Any ideas how to deal with such cases?


Dear Julia,

when users are disabled, their notebook folder is automatically moved to the “Others disabled” folder. This should simplify navigation.



Dear Caterina,

yes, I know this is done and helps a lot.
I was just thinking about the relationships of objects. For example we have objects in the inventory which are used by different people. The hierarchy graph is nicely showing which persons performed experiments with this e.g. dye. But it shows all related objects. Would it be possible to add a filter to include or exclude inactive users?

Best regards,