Using tags for objects/samples also from Web GUI?

Dear all,

looking through the API/PyBis documentation, tags are supported like:

sample.tags = ['guten_tag', 'zahl_tag' ]

which can come in useful in a number of ways. I was trying to find some hints how to display/set/remove these tags from the web interface as well but unfortunately didn’t find the right spot (searching for the word “tag” is also futile for software and/or German…)

Many thanks

Dear Urlich,
Thank you for the message.
We are glad to hear that you find PyBIS functionality useful.
We will get to you with some answers to your question on tags.

openBIS team.

Dear Ulrich,

Currently Tags are not show on any user interface. There is a reason behind this, they are “personal” to the user creating them. As a result is not possible to other users to see them, what is missleading.

This happened of course for historical reasons, these used to be called MetaProjects. Nowadays nothing on the system or plugins we distribute is using them.

At some point we are going to need to consider to either re-implement them to make them public or deprecate them. I can’t recommend at this point to use them.


Dear Juan,

many thanks, that’s useful to know. We will avoid them then for the time being.
All the best