Pybis and parent/child annotations

Has anyone tried to set (and access) the parent/child annotation fields in relationships over pybis? Over the web interface you can set parent/child hints for samples and can annotate the relationships with comments.

I have found a way to access the general settings over pybis and can set the hints for the relationships which include the comment (annotation) field. I can’t seem to set the relationships (with comments) over the pybis api though. Is that already a feature of pybis or does the api not have this functionality?

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Hello Cezary,

Thank you for using pybis. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to set parent/child annotations with it.

However, this feature has been scheduled for implementation.

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Hi Adam,

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been able to kind of implement it myself by sending a request that i’ve copied from the web view and changing in python dynamically.

I will be waiting for the official implementation then.

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