Restructure and Delete attachments

Hi all,

how do you edit, delete, or restructure attachments? Can that be done in the browser? When uploading, names are given to group the attachments. After a while, I might want to merge two of these groups and/or change the name and/or delete individual attachments.

Any hints welcome, thanks, throsten

Hi Thorsten,
I am not quite sure what kind of “attachments” you are referring to. Dou you mean openBIS attachments which are similar to but not identical to openBIS datasets (link)? If yes, theses type of attachments are a deprecated concept and not compatible with the ELN-LIMS UI.
Or are you referring to the default dataset type ATTACHMENT? Or maybe something else entirely?

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Hi relathman,

Sorry for being not clear. I’m talking about uploaded files. In the example shown in this screenshot, I’d like to delete the file “Specifications.pdf” and (2) move the file in “OTHER_DATA : Auxiliary” to “OTHER_DATA : SOFTWARE” and delete the “folder” "“OTHER_DATA : Auxiliary”. How could I do that? In the user UI ore Admin UI or after is there another way?

thanks for any hint in getting started with optimising the organisation of our first file uploads to openBIS
best, Thorsten

Hi Thorsten,
What you are describing is (currently) not possible in openBIS regardless of the UI or API: The content (= individual files or folders) of a dataset is immutable which means that files cannot be deleted or edited after creation of the dataset. You can, however, delete the dataset in its entirety and create a new one with the desired changes OR keep the old one and create a new one that links back to the original one if you want to use it as a kind of simple versioning system.
As far as I know, the ETHZ team is planning to integrate the concept of mutable data in openBIS 7.0, but at the moment, all data are immutable.