pyBIS v1.35.11 datasets

Hello there,

For testing reasons I just upgraded to pyBIS 1.35.11 and also installed the module requests-toolbelt. After the upload the files are in the correct dataset, but are not placed in its root. However the original relative path of the file is translated into dataset subfolders. I have not touched my upload function and before the update it worked just fine.

pyBIS 1.35.10 (old - without requests-toolbelt)

pyBIS 1.35.11 (new)
Screenshot 2023-07-21 115851

def data_upload():
    ds_new = o.new_dataset(
        files=['Users/User/Desktop/file.csv', 'Users/User/Desktop/file.html', 'Users/User/Desktop/file.png'],
        props={'$name': 'CSV and Graph'}

Maybe I missed some new code requirements for the updated dataset upload function.

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Hello Steffen,

Thanks for pointing this out - It is as you say. This structure should not be changed after upload.

PyBIS 1.35.10 version mistakenly contained changes to the upload that are still under development. I’m deeply sorry for causing the confusion. Newest version (1.36.0) reverts the braking changes to the upload.

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