OpenBIS Release Process

Hello! My name is David and I’m somewhat new around here. I’ve been able to download the source from master and build an installer that installs and runs, etc. I’ve been looking at the release branches/tags and they are vastly different than the master branch. Downloading and building the release branch does NOT result in a runnable installer.

So my question is: What kind of release black magic is going on that makes the master branch into what appears to be a funky broken release branch? Also, how would I go about getting a tagged release branch of the source that I can edit the source and build an install from that that isn’t all borked. Any help appreciated.


Hi David,

Yes the current master branch is completely different, a big refactoring has been done on the repository.

To try to build the release branch 20.10.x

  1. Delete your .gradle folder since they may be incompatible dependencies
  2. change to the 20.10.x branch and build

Or just download the latest release: Production Releases - openbis - Confluence


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Hi Juan, Thank you for responding to my post! So is the master branch is the current future of the source repository layout? By that I’m meaning will the next major release be based off of what’s currently in master? If so, great! I have the source repo mirrored and I"m able to build the product and also install it onto an amazon corretto image.

Exactly, master will become the next major openBIS version.