Multiple Types of storage (locations)

Dear all,

I was wondering if / how it would be possible to add different multiple storage types with different properties.
By default, we have the storage as described in “Configuring Lab Storage” with rows/columns/rack/boxes

While we may have storage spaces that are similar to this (and/or we can modify the “STORAGE” template), I was wondering how we can handle the case where we have a different type of storage with different properties, say, we’d like to create STORAGE2 so we can use either of them, depending on where the sample is.

When adding a new storage in Utilities->Settings → Group Settings → Storages → + New Storage, I get the mask for the above STORAGE, it does show “TEMPLATES” but the list is empty, even if I add an object of the new type in the Template section.

Is it possible to have multiple storage types?

Many thanks

  1. Entities of one Type only show Templates for their type.

  2. Currently STORAGE is a system type. Of course technically any Type having the same properties should suffice but that defeats the purpose of creating a new type on the first place.

Dear Juan,

many thanks for your quick reply, I have to admit that I’m not quite sure I understand it, may I try to repeat it:

The storage is associated with the template (object type) STORAGE that contains rows/colums/boxes and is a system type. Hence, in the admin UI, we can modify this object if we so wish but there is only one object type that is associated with the storage tracking?

Many thanks again

Dear Ulrich,

This is correct

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