Linking objects with an observer role only

Hello everyone.

At the moment it is only possible to link an object (add parent/child) if one has at least user rights for the Space/Project the object is in. Linking is not possible with observer rights.
However, many of our departments (multigroup instance) have e.g. samples in the inventory that should be linkable by normal lab members, but not editable.
So normal lab members should be able to link objects from the inventory to their experiments in ELN, however registration and editing of objects in the inventory should only be allowed for group admins.
How can we achieve this?
To the developers: Or maybe an intermediate role would be useful?

Many thanks

Thank you for the message.
The current system setup doesn’t support the specific functionality.
We will create a ticket in our JIRA system to document and track this request. However, while your feedback is very valuable to us, I cannot guarantee when this will be implemented.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Thank you very much. For us it is a very important issue


+1 This would be a very important feature for our multi-group instance as well.
@rostyslav.kuzyakiv: Has there been any decision made concerning this request?

I understand the logic why it is not possible with the current roles (observers cannot change the metadata of an object and a parent/child relationship counts as metadata).
But especially in a multi-group instance, it is a common use case that users have an observer instead of a user role in the Space of another group because they need to link to a commonly used object (e.g. a measuring device that is used by several groups) as a parent but they shouldn’t be able to change the other metadata properties of this object (because they device belongs to the other group).


As discussed here and in the last community meeting, it would be important to have this feature. After learning about the capabilitiy-role map I tested the following:

I’m ADMIN for object A and just OBSERVER for object B. With the default settings I will not be able to set object B as a parent or as a child of A.

I add the following lines to the capabilities file:


Now I can set B as the child of A, and remove the relationship as well. But I still can’t set B as the parent of A, which would be more important for our use case.

If it works children, is there an equivalent ADD_CHILD_TO_SAMPLE? If not, could this be implemented? If I understood @juanf correctly, either both or none of the directions should work, based on my role for B?

Thank you!

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