Entity validation script in multi-group instance

Hello everyone.

First of all: We are searching for a script. Or another way to manage our problem for a multi-group instance.

For some object types (e.g. samples in an inventory collection) we need property types with unique ID number similar to the code, however only for some groups of a multi-group instance. The other groups would also use these object types, however do not need unique values. We would like to handle this with an “Entity validation script”. The script should contain something like a limitation which enables to select a certain group for which the script is functional.

Thank you

Dear Viktoria,

openBIS has internally the feature to mark a particular property assignment to have unique values.

Sadly this is not exposed yet on the current release. We will try to add it on a minor update, maybe for 20.10.8.

On the meantime the only way of having unique property values is to have something like a validator, or even better an interceptor:



Dear Juan,

thank you for the fast response. We are looking forward to the new update.
However, what about multi-group instances? Will the new feature mark the property to have unique values for all groups or is there a group-specific adjustment?


Is per property assignment to a type.

If the type is used by more than one group they will be all affected.