Dynamic property - know actual property code?

Can a dynamic property script know the code of the property onto which it is actually executed?

Use case: Given a child object type with two properties, CHILD_PROP1 and CHILD_PROP2.
Object parent must retrieve these two values from the child object. Goal: easily access them, filter the parent objects according to the values etc.
To do so I add two properties with identical codes CHILD_PROP1 and CHILD_PROP2 to the parent object type.
Can I write a unique dynamic property script, to assign to both properties of the parent, that would fetch the corresponding property value in the child object? (e.g. i need to know the code of the property the dynamic script is actually executed on)
If possible, I would prefer avoid multiple dynamic property scripts with hard-coded property codes.

Thank you for the message.
The current system setup doesn’t support the specific functionality you’re seeking. The core challenge lies in the script being unaware of the exact property it’s calculating. Ideally, for it to function as you hope, the script editor would need the capability to recognize which property it should evaluate the script for. At present, it allows us to choose the entity, not the specific property.
We will create a ticket in our JIRA system to document and track this request. However, I’d like to manage expectations: while your feedback is very valuable to us, I cannot guarantee when this will be implemented. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Thanks very much for reply!

Please consider this thread as a question, and not as a request for feature. This is of low importance and I can manage otherwise.

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