Barcode reading not working


I tried to test the barcode reading functionality, as I clicked the read code botton, there’s no poped up window like shown in the image below:

I tried to click it both on Chrome and Firefox, but on both browser it didn’t work, does anybody know what the potential problem it might be?

kind regards,

Do you have a barcode scanner?

Yes, I do have one connected to my pc. That’s why it’s so weird to not be able to click the scanning botton

Let’s do the test to check the functionality of the plugin.
Click on a barcode sign, click on Video Device Button > a new window should pop up asking for permission to use the camera on the laptop > Allow.
If you see the camera working it means that the plugin is reading its input.
Please, try to reinstall the barcode reader + allow its usage in the browser settings.

It shows the scanner selected on the right. Can’t you just scan?
It should pop up the entity you scanned on the ELN right after.

The Camera option only shows if your browser has access to a camera obviously.