Plugin for custom upload


I would like to setup the custom upload feature which requires a core plugin (custom-imports).
It would be great if anyone knows were to find or download this plugin.

Best regards,
Fatim Zahra

Dear Fatim,

Custom imports are plugins that you write for the system. It basically allows you to run a Dropbox code. For an import done from the UI.

Can you elaborate about what you are trying to achieve?

Thank you for your quick answer.
I initially thought the plugin was somewherestrong text preinstalled or downloadable.

However, I tried to follow the documentation and faced same issues:

I created a folder custom-import in openbis@openbis:~/openbis/servers/core-plugins$ with the following foder structure:










The files contain the following:

name = custom import

dss-code = DSS1

dropbox-name = dropboxClara

description = Custom import for SE images from TescanClara

#template-entity-kind = PROJECT

#template-entity-permid = 20120814111307034-82319

#template-attachment-name = project_custom_import_template.txt


dss-rpc.put.SE = dropboxClara

I also enabled it in enabled-modules= monitoring-support, ., , custom-import

The used dropbox, dropboxClara, already exists and is functional via a regular dropbox folder.

Currently there is no import option appearing in the openbis web interface menu, I also did not know what the meaning of the template in the as plugin-properties is and what should be specified in the template.txt.

It would be great if I could get same advice on how to fix the current version of my plugin.

Best regards,

Fatim Zahra

If the plugin is setup correctly you should have a Custom Imports tool option under the Tools on the ELN-LIMS.


yes, I suspect there is a mistake. I will double check. However, if anything seams wrong in what I described above or there are same typical errors I should check, I would be happy for same advice.

Best regards,
Fatim Zahra