Persistent Login

I want to have a persistent login, but I can not store the v3 object. Every page refresh I create a new v3 object. Is there a way to use something like useSession, or do I need to create a access token?

I tried to implement the TS version of the PAT, but it seems, that TS os not supporting the PAT for now.

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Benedikt Schwab

Hello Benedikt,
I too struggled using PAT with the Js/TS API client. I ended up monkey patching the V3 object since it has a private field where the token is stored.
I agree that the best solution would be to implement a setToken method. Maybe @juanf can consider that?


PATs are also session tokens.

Even if possible to have a public setter for the sessionToken field, I would suggest instead having a constructor that accepts a session token.

In the future, we are going to have transactions, and allowing us to swap the session token in the middle of the transaction might be error-prone since this will also affect the transactionId and interactiveSessionKey fields. So I would like to protect those fields.

I will talk about this with the team and try to add that constructor for the next release.

Is this a good solution for you, or do you see any drawbacks?


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implementing a constructor that accepts a session token is indeed good approach. I think I would do the same.

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Both approaches works well from a developer experience perspective. If the constructor is safer in combination with transactions, it would be very welcome.

Thank you Juan