Embedded openBIS?

Dear all,

I was just looking at this talk from 2014 that mentions embedded openBIS.
Is that still something we can do? (other than loading openbis in an iframe or something)?

many thanks

Dear Ulrich,

You can indeed embed some core UI views.

But the core UI is going away and with it this functionality.

All views from the ELN have a deterministic URL and is possible to include on the URL a user/password or personal access token of an observer user that could only read.

That said I don’t remember if the new security model allows to embed or some configuration parameters need to be tweaked to allow it in Jetty.

That said this is very interesting and the tweaks are more likely low effort. If you take the care of testing we could fix the impediments you find.

We will soon allow to hide the navigation on desktop too, we could make that a URL parameter too.


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Dear Juan

many thank and my apologies for the slow reply (too many things coming together at the mo)
That sounds great thank you. I would envision we will be able to test such a functionality, a new team member has just accepted the offer.

All the best