Dynamic-property-evaluator - Maintenance Task

Dear all,

in the documentation a dynamic-property-evaluator maintenance task is mentioned based on the fact that dynamic properties are not recalculated with each metadata update.

This task is not enabled by default and we never used it, but I also never saw the “(pending evaluation)” value.

For me it looks like a dynamic property is updated whenever the entity is updated (e.g. another property of the same entity). Is this correct? Are there exceptions? Under which conditions would I need this maintenance task?

Thank you!

Hello @jraedler, one of our users had the same discussion with the OpenBIS team, if I remember correctly, the dynamic properties are only computed when the value is accessed. The plugin takes care of regularly updating all values that will otherwise be untouched

After every update to the entity holding the properties. The properties are scheduled to be updated.

Even if so there it can be situations where there is problems with the computations and that maintenance task can help recomputing them and cleaning up. I would say, if you didn’t need it until now please ignore it.


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