Disable access to Admin UI for Users

Dear comunity,
ist there a way to disable access to the (new) Admin UI for specific users/roles? The Admin UI shows a lot of information on other users and roles, jython code and other items, which (in some cases) should not be disclosed to every user of the system.
Best regards

Dear Jörg,
I am afraid that at the moment there is no distinction in terms of access to the UIs. Anyone can login to all openBIS UIs, but of course what they can do is limited by the roles they have.

There are some things that you should be able to control via the capabilities: https://unlimited.ethz.ch/display/openBISDoc2010/Installation+and+Administrator+Guide+of+the+openBIS+Server#InstallationandAdministratorGuideoftheopenBISServer-CapabilityRoleMapforV3API

For example limiting GET_PLUGIN and SEARCH_PLUGIN to instance admins and space_etl_server prevents users without instance admin role to be able to see the plugins in the admin UI. However, it is not possible to limit access to the users list in the UI for example.

I hope this helps.