Creation of Datasets

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I need to create Datasets for some samples via the API, but I read that it is not available via the V3 API and I need to use the V2? Is this still true?

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Hello Beneditk,
I am not sure where the information on the old documentation is still valid The javadoc shows that there’s a method to create Datasets:

Perhaps the document means that currently the V3 API doesn’t let you create Datasets AND upload data in the same transaction.

I can not find anything for creating a dataset in the documentation. When I try to create a dataset, I need to provide a PhysicalDataCreation() to the DataSetCreation(). Where can I put the actual data in? How does the PhysicalDataCreation work?

I’ve never done it myself,but there’s an example called “Registering data sets” towards the end of the documentation. I assume it’s possible to create datasets over the API since it’s how the OpenBIS ELN Kim’s UI does it